• PushHealth offers affordable telemedicine appointments. We have heard a personal positive review of this service.
  • Text2MD Review from a contributor: “Dr. Miguel Antonatos prescribes for WA. Medici app: $55 new patients Covid consult [prophylaxis & early treatment]; $35 refill; $90-135 long hauler/post covid treatment; all prices do not include cost of mail order medications.”
  • Dr James P Johnston in Ohio offers a $150 COVID telemedicine consult for WA patients
  • Dr Scott Jensen in Arizona offers COVID telemedicine options for WA patients
  • Synergy Healthy offers COVID Care Packages
  • I have heard a couple positive personal reviews; if you try it, let us know how your experience goes
  • AFLDS offers telemedicine appointments but tends to be booked out. We don’t necessarily recommend using AFLDS for that reason.

Lists of Providers by State