Does My Vote Count?

Is Inslee our Governor?

What is the state of election integrity in Washington?

I recently attended a lecture by Dr Frank and WEICU. Read more on that here. I don’t yet know whether we can prove Culp won, but we can prove our state – most states – manipulate the vote.


This group analyzed voter data and approached Dr Frank with their own assessment of fraud in this state. Had they not done so, he never would have bothered investigating “blue” Washington.

They are mobilizing people to canvas and find phantom voters.

Dr Frank

A physicist who’s been engaged by Mike Lindell to demonstrate voter fraud. Frank basically maps registration data to ballot data and shows the numbers in every state he’s investigated so far match precisely.

He proof of voter fraud is being used in critical court cases.

What can I do to help?

There does not appear to be any proactive state-level support for election reform. Various county GOPs are canvasing to scrub their voter rolls. They are sending out PCOs to use an app called Voter Science to compare voter rolls to actual residents. This is worthwhile as a cleansing of the voter rolls, but I’m not yet aware of any initiative to gather that data across the counties and prove fraud.

Because WEICU is connected with Dr Frank who is connected with Trump’s team, they are best positioned to use data collected. If you don’t have time to do both, canvasing for WEICU may be more productive than canvasing for your county party.

Volunteer with WEICU

Can we recall him?

Recall Inslee is a legal petition effort to remove Inslee. Learn more on their website or join our Telegram group (@recallinslee). This case is in the courts. Once it is approved we would then have several months to gather 1.5 million signatures. I will be reporting back as I get updates on status.