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This is the blog of Palmer Davis. I operated as Waking Up Washington for most of 2021.

Get to Higher Ground

Most of you hopefully know I try to avoid being another alarmist. I’d rather focus on what we can do, as opposed to what is being done to us. That said, God has put it on my heart to remind folks that about 70% of the country has taken at least one shot, and the impact is already being felt. Reported by Epoch Times: 40% increase in deaths among 18 to 49…

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Credibility: Why it’s our most valuable (and endangered) asset

Reported Friday, a Maine doctor loses her license and must report for a psych evaluation for spreading “misinformation” (article). In my video the other day I suggested we focus on sharing one truth: Corporate hospitals do whatever the CDC tells them. I was talking about clearing the decks to focus on waking folks up to one topic instead of 1,000. We want to wake folks up to recognize tyranny, to learn the…

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Protect yourself

Our treasured friend Wendy Liberty lost her father this morning. He was in hospital quarantine for 3 weeks and in the end only two relatives were allowed to see him. It is a heartbreaking reminder to continue educating each other. I am sharing some information to help you avoid this situation in your family. Covid is not a virus, but it is real. I always direct people to these videos to get…

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Beyond the narrative: The truths that drive everything I do

As an activist I have spent two years advocating that people stand up for their rights. Unmask. Speak up. Stand. As a “walkaway Democrat” I have spent two years talking about the idiocy of the leftist narrative, the corruption of our political system, and the manipulation of our media. But all these conversations tend to be in the context of the narrative, a black-and-white, win/lose dichotomy that allows for two options: Stop…

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: We won’t win until we stop focusing on what we don’t want and start focusing on what we do. We “freedom people” are tripping over each other. We can’t agree on candidates, legislation, groups, group names, even simple facts. This just makes us vulnerable. I was startled by the recent outrage over the WAC that provides for quarantine camps, referenced for tomorrow’s BOH meeting.…

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Changing roles in a silent war

So I’m living in central Idaho. I’ve started a job working for an awake individual. Like me, he sees this as “God’s reset,” not the End Times… in fact he shared with me the Perfect Storm prophecy, which I had not been familiar with, but find confirming. Outside of this job, which is a blessing, I am admittedly struggling with what might be called “bored activist syndrome.” I miss rallies, I miss…

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Grace for your fellow soldier

There are a lot of new folks joining the battle. Some of us woke up years ago (Joey Gibson, Kelli Stewart / People’s Rights, ICWA). Some of us woke up as gun rights were stripped away (Hazardous Liberty). Some of us woke up just before or as the country was shutting down (moi). Some of us woke up as the election was stolen. Some of us woke up as the vax mandates…

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Getting Healthy & a Printable Immunity Protocol

I put together most of the Well WA content including “the protocol,” as well as a list of sites where you can buy this stuff. Download the PDF so you can share or print as needed to help loved ones stay healthy. Let’s get serious Many of us could tell COVID-19 was not a pandemic in the usual sense.  We knew that wearing masks to rebreathe our own CO2, staying indoors alone,…

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