Protect yourself

Our treasured friend Wendy Liberty lost her father this morning. He was in hospital quarantine for 3 weeks and in the end only two relatives were allowed to see him.

It is a heartbreaking reminder to continue educating each other. I am sharing some information to help you avoid this situation in your family.

Covid is not a virus, but it is real. I always direct people to these videos to get up to speed on what the vid really is. Particularly those by David Martin and Judy Mikovits.

You can establish legal rights to assert your wishes for medical treatment should a loved one wind up in the hospital. Many of you have already benefited from the insight of a nurse named Melanie who appeared at one of our Stay Healthy, Stay Free workshops.

Melanie speaks off camera starting about an hour in.

Melanie was recently featured on Red Voice Media providing critical info on protecting your rights as a patient. Check that out here. Her compiled info specifically for SW WA hospitals is in the Well Washington section of my site, here.

And our combined protocol can be downloaded here. We recently had a flu in our house and the combination of these supplements with HPM mouthwash, colloidal silver and elderberry tea really helped. Ultimately we are surrounded by natural healing agents provided by God. If we take responsibility for our health – they can’t.

4 responses to “Protect yourself”

  1. Can you tell me more about your statement that “covid is not a virus?” I’m genuinely curious, as I’ve not heard that before.

    My condolences to your friend and her family.

  2. Our condolences go to your friend & family. Prayers going up for them & all who’ve lost loved ones during this scourge.
    Thank you to you for all the information you’ve complied in a format to share with others. God bless you & your family in all you do & have done for humanity! 👏🏻🙏🏻🥰🙏🏻

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