Grace for your fellow soldier

A video I posted in June 2020…

There are a lot of new folks joining the battle.

Some of us woke up years ago (Joey Gibson, Kelli Stewart / People’s Rights, ICWA). Some of us woke up as gun rights were stripped away (Hazardous Liberty). Some of us woke up just before or as the country was shutting down (moi). Some of us woke up as the election was stolen. Some of us woke up as the vax mandates hit.

Along the way, folks stand, folks become discouraged, folks experiment. A lot of signs are made and flags are waved and flyers handed out. Some fall in love with the fight, while others drift away.

What you can’t afford, what none of us can afford, is to be arrogant. The activist space is a very challenging world full of oppositional lawyers, legislators, journalists, antifa, and sheeple grocery store shoppers wondering why you’re blocking their path to Costco.

The activist world is not a fun place to be in unless you can make friends. Join us. Don’t fight with us.

Please don’t walk into this thinking you were the first person to wake up and have all the new ideas and are going to create something new.

The truth is that most of us were at this a long time before you decided “Enough is enough.” And I say that with all humility. The people I learn from and lean on the most were in this fight long before I discovered it in April 2020. Many understood years ago that Washington was slipping. I didn’t, because I was a Democrat – I supported its slip.

Once I did wake up, I went to other peoples’ rallies for months before attempting to organize anything of my own. I wanted to learn and understand the landscape before I expressed any opinions. Even then, I ruffled a few feathers. It wasn’t until early 2021 that I hit my stride organizing, and even now it seems I upset someone with each event.

Freedom people have strong wills and strong opinions. Do not enter this world of pioneers and pilgrims thinking a new Facebook group will be enough to revolutionize the battle. Do not think you are inventing something. Do not confuse “Follows” with effectiveness.

You are joining a silent battle. A battle that has been shadow banned, deplatformed, and demonized. A battle that doesn’t exist except as “alt right,” “anti-government,” or “anti-vax.” It never was any of those things, and our greatest heroes are not anything like their Wikipedia entries, but we must rediscover this reality for ourselves beyond the media Matrix.

You may not be aware others paved the way, because their path was obscured by lies. But look. Research. Get to know your people. Get to know your place. The truth may already be written, and the way forward already forged.

It may be that we were ready, but simply waiting for you.

And when you find us, please know that we are so happy to know you. Just…

Be happy to know us.

6 responses to “Grace for your fellow soldier”

  1. Dear Palmer et al,

    I appreciated your bog and agree that one must always learn the lay of the land before beginning to “fix it”. This is true in all things – business, family, organization, and yes protests in all fashions. There is nothing worse than that loudmouth that comes along shouting and stirring the pot with no regard for the reality of the situation. Seen it – it usually does not end well.
    I do have to admit I grinned at the youthfulness of your article. You discuss your case, for which I applaud and then chuckle your long stretch into the past… to 2020. Most likely not the intention of your writing but alas that is what hit my funny bone. I am a young man fighting for freedom starting in the US Marine Corps in 1979. But this was years after my older cousins had stood and fought, decades after my father came home wounded in WWII and almost half a century since the return of my grandfather from WWI. The list of those standing for freedom stretches way back to many years before April 19th, 1775.
    All of us fight for freedom in our own way. All of us – no matter how long we have stood on whatever line that divides freedom from tyranny – and it has not been an easy fight. Yet, all are welcome even the loudmouthed hardhead that thinks s/he has all the answers.
    We have been losing our freedoms slowly since Sept 4, 1783. Humans constantly feel the need to force their way – believe this or be apostate – and we are all guilty, (I present this response as evidence against myself). Yet without the willingness to draw the line, fix bayonet, and charge into the fray undaunted by the malignant growth of despotism – we would have lost the small remaining freedom we have yet… years ago. But make no mistake we are losing this war. We are losing every time we are hypocrites ourselves. Unwilling to accept that freedom goes both ways – that things we detest with every fiber of our body – just might actually be somebody else’s freedom that we must grit our teeth and protect. Freedom does not have philosophical, political, or religious lines – it speaks only to individuals as the beginning of power. An individual’s sovereign rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness – unconcerned to the details of what makes any of those things true to that individual.
    What does freedom mean to you? A question that I ask myself frequently, especially considering the current events that rip at the foundation of our society. Define freedom – and then ask the hard questions by using your opponent’s position. If it applies to you, does it apply to them – removing bias? Is what they are demanding freedom – or is it oppression? Ask yourself, is what you are demanding – freedom, or is it oppression to others? Does one’s opinion of a matter evade this deeper question simply because the opponent’s position slams hard against our moral and religious beliefs? Is that freedom? Is freedom only for those that carry a certain ideology and therefore believe what we say is freedom or be banned? Must others suffer under what they consider tyranny so that we may live free?
    After six short decades of life, I can absolutely say without fear that what is holy and sacred to me is mine alone, all others stand in varying layers of disagreement.
    What is my point? From the beginning, humans have rejected the notion of freedom whenever it goes against their philosophies of it – refusing to allow opposing viewpoints and actions associated with them to stand for no better reason than it rubs brutally against the fundamental principles of the individual’s beliefs. We are unwilling to accept at any level that our freedom must mean their freedom, and their freedom will mean things we hate! Our freedom means they must also step up and recognize the responsibility to allow those things they hate. Our country and its patriots are forever missing this point. We will never have true freedom until we allow the truth in freedom. The founding fathers understood this, they wrote a spectacular document that has never been understood let alone read by most on the left and the right. A document that proclaims so many freedoms that shatter – dare I estimate – most of our current laws. Laws that were put in place by those on both sides of the aisle. Laws that laugh at our founders, chaining all of us to tyranny and harm. We are not free people – that went away more than a century ago and we just refuse to reconcile that fact. Lacking understanding, now in this raging storm we fail to steer this half-sunk ship away from the reef of total world tyranny.
    Think on these words as you join the next rally, as you paint your next signs that say, “Hurray for our side…”. All I ask is forgive, think clearly, and with a loving embrace stand strong, not for your will or theirs but for True Freedom For All!

    John E. Nanney

    • John, thank you so much for articulating what I as a “walkaway Democrat” ask often. Whose freedom are we fighting for? I’m honored this post was a place you felt comfortable expressing this. It is *the* question.

    • That was so eloquent, I thank you for posting. The most glaring example of what I believe you were saying is the pro-choice/ right to life debate. I was a Democrat for 20 years until Donald Trump came into the political world, and imagine my surprise when I learned I’d been lied to for decades. But in those first few months I found myself having to reasses my beliefs in truths I’d held as non negotiable. GUNRIGHTS? Well… but really… Then one day in my kitchen I realized, how is that freedom for those that believe in that right any different than my belief that a woman had the right to have sovereignity over her body? One of the most anger arousing topics is how does a “conservative” dare to believe that a woman does have that autonomy? If one is a liberal leaving the left they have to leave their dismissal of gun rights at the door. And religion, let’s not go there because there’s only one belief in conservative circles. But really, as an atheist conservative I find that offensive. So yes, so much work to do, do we have time? Anyway, thanks for your eloquence!

      • Palmer and Lynnette, I appreciate the heartwarming responses.
        Thank you, please keep up the fight, maybe together we can get people to understand the meaning of freedom.

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