Getting Healthy & a Printable Immunity Protocol

I put together most of the Well WA content including “the protocol,” as well as a list of sites where you can buy this stuff. Download the PDF so you can share or print as needed to help loved ones stay healthy.

Let’s get serious

Many of us could tell COVID-19 was not a pandemic in the usual sense. 

We knew that wearing masks to rebreathe our own CO2, staying indoors alone, and messing with our RNA would not help our immune system. 

We knew that Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and all the other “data-based” gurus were really, in all likelihood, simply profiting off the shutdown.

We knew that policies that shut down Main Street while calling Walmart essential and thereby “safe” were, in all likelihood, made not for our best interests but for someone’s bottom line.

The problem was that in our (justified) distrust of the mainstream narrative, many of us were also wrong about the true nature of COVID-related illness.

As a personal example, because I am a graphic designer by trade and a fiesty redhead by nature, I had leggings custom-made last winter that read, “COVID is the flu.” I can no longer wear those because I now understand, having watched enough videos of the testimony of Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr David Martin, Dr Sherri Tenpenny and all those other wicked truthers out there, that COVID is a biological weapon. A weaponized spike protein designed to infiltrate our cells.

Not a virus… but also not harmless. Particularly now that we are dealing with what I like to call the “vaccine variant.” I haven’t felt my immune system on the defensive like this since the last time I lived in a mold-ridden apartment building. We are fighting something, and it is not good, and it will get worse as the boosters and variant shots multiply. We are now surrounded by bodies producing the very spike protein that caused illness in the first place. The time to prepare is now.

What is different about this season versus other chapters of our awakening is that there is no shopping, canning or reading our way out of this. The only way to prepare for a biological weapon (when industrial healthcare can’t be trusted to treat us effectively) is to become truly healthy

Believe me, this is no more fun for me than it is for you. I didn’t start Well Washington because I am some perky, fit type who hops out of bed in the morning to go for a run at dawn and drink a green smoothie for breakfast. I was historically a liquid diet girl: coffee for breakfast, wine for dinner.

God showed me in prayer last summer that illness would be severe and folks unable to use the hospitals. I had no idea it was already occurring. I didn’t realize until I started helping healthcare workers protest the vax mandates in August that protocols at the big corporate hospitals are so strict, if you don’t agree with them… no one can do anything about it. A nurse may sympathize with your desire to take Ivermectin, but she’ll lose her job if she forcibly wheels you away from that ventilator. So she probably won’t go to those lengths. Don’t let it get that bad. 

We started the Stay Healthy, Stay Free workshops in September to relieve the burden on a beloved local provider who was killing himself helping those who let it get that bad. Scott Miller is now fighting for his medical license after treating more than a thousand folks with COVID… can we make his life easier?

How many patriots do we know who take better care of their trucks than their bodies? That era ends now. Get your oil changed… and go for a walk.

So I hosted a few “Stay Healthy, Stay Free” workshops, recruiting medical freedom advocates and laid-off healthcare workers to present. Along the way, I heard a lot of convicting information, and had to start changing my own evil ways. You will be pleased, or perhaps just pitying, to hear that I have been off coffee for a couple of weeks. It has been difficult: I was battling Inslee running on rage and caffeine. 

I may preach, but I will hold myself accountable to practice, too. And I want to ask you to think about doing the same.

How many hours have you spent in the car this week versus being outdoors? 

Are you sure that you can make it like this?

Does God even want you to? Weren’t we designed to live in a different rhythm than the commute-compute lifestyle dictates?

How do we know God isn’t using this shutdown to reset us?

In tune? Outdoors? Thriving? 

Think it over. 

With love, 


3 responses to “Getting Healthy & a Printable Immunity Protocol”

  1. Hi Palmer,
    Have you come across folks experiencing hair loss after having had C19 (starting a few months later) ?
    If so, would love to hear possible proactive steps to mitigate or slow it down, even restore.
    Had another friend tell me this just this morning. It’d be great if you could explore this in your writings.
    Thanks much.

  2. I’m sure you caught this one on last Thursdays Highwire. If not, here is the link from todays HW newsletter:Breitbart: Exclusive — ‘Tool to Enforce Orwellian Rules’: 80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill to Fund Federal Vaccination Database

    Jaime Herrera Beutler voted Yea

    And thats it: Carol Heller

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