Clark County Petition Submitted

The Medical Freedom petition was submitted to the Clark County elections office yesterday. This amazing group of people collected 11k signatures (it requires about 8k to be submitted to the council to vote). The CCRP has voted overwhelmingly in support, but the real question is what the County Council will do once it reaches their vote in about a month.

You can listen to the Wednesday 12/1 episode of Lars Larson to hear Rob Anderson, the petition organizer, talk more about it.

2 responses to “Clark County Petition Submitted”

  1. May El Shaddai give favor to this petion to go full through on all accounts, I pray. Great thank you to all who participated in collecting and signing this petition. Be y’all blessed in the Name of El Shaddai Yahusha (aka Jesus)Yahuah Elohim Most High !

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