Salt & Light

Many false starts, more questions than answers the last couple weeks. Here’s one.

Jesus says what you do for the least of them you do for me.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, can you disagree with the words attributed to him?

As we think about Marisol and Joe, silenced by autism, or Melanie Gabriel in her plastic box at school, or vax clinics opening at grade schools…

I kept wanting to fight the darkness. Jesus asks us not to fight it but to be the opposite of darkness.

I like to say it, but can an activist be the light? Or does activism then become something else?

Would you march downtown Seattle with me – to hand out blankets?

Would you rally at the Capitol campus with me – to pray and worship?

Would you join me for some unmasked caroling? (By the way we did that last year and it was amazing…)

In a sad scared world, does saltiness qualify as civil disobedience?

I know some of you gravitated to Well WA and welcomed the idea of meetups for that very reason. Constructive service, healing work, advocacy.

Many of you are ready to become salty activists. Many of you are ready to shine a light.

I struggled to focus on it. I was too attached to “the fight.”

Lately I’ve been feeling this incredible emotion. I think it’s called joy.

I don’t want to spend any more time fighting the enemy with his own weapons. I don’t want to wave signs. I want to point out signs and wonders.

I want to be remembered not for changing someone’s mind about policy… but for changing someone’s mind about life.

What is the ultimate debate we’re having? Whether a life protected is more desirable than a life lived.

We are unmasked, unvaxed, unsheepled. We are free indeed.

What if we acted like it?

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