Support the Cortes family

If you haven’t had a chance to donate to Martha Cortes GiveSendGo, please do. They are in the thick of an unprecedented custody battle based largely on woke censorship – claiming she is not fit to care for her autistic daughter based on things like how she watches Pastor Locke. The courts are rampantly biased against them and if they lose this battle a 30 year old autistic woman with seizures will be vaxed by her power-hungry, CNN-crazy brother Mayor Adrian Cortes.



Manny has decided to open up about where they’re at. 👇 I look forward to sharing more about this but for now here’s his message. Marisol is safe with her mom.

Message from Manny:

It’s been a true blessing to attend & experience the presence of God in this Church body, in person rather than our usual online attendance. This pastor & church has been absolutely amazing blessing us with kindness while here. We feel blessed to be a part of this anointed congregation. God bless & continue to work through pastor Greg Locke & this Church.

Additional testimony by Adrian’s brother:

Stew Peters coverage:

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