Recap on Recent Events

People have asked for updates on recent events. No dramatic resolutions, just truth.

Healthcare: At least 15% of the workforce at major hospitals have or will be let go. Most of it is illegal, but few unions or attorneys will touch it. I have my eye on Silent Majority Foundation.

In the short term, avoid hospitals. They’ve fired many of their free thinkers, report being overwhelmed when they instead chose to become understaffed, and are locked into bad protocols that contribute to “covid” deaths.

Longterm, this has and will lead to a healthcare revolution. We are not the only ones reimagining care.

Education: Melanie Gabriel is an advanced student now attending remedial class in a plastic box. We are putting together a donation page for her to fight this legally. The nursing student is left dangling. A WSU student has been offered a remote option. *Why are so few students resisting this?*

We are being treated like 2nd class citizens, which leads back to the anti-discrimination project. (Read the latest from Clark County Today.)

We are making progress in Clark County on sustaining a dialogue on this issue, but we need Republican legislators/officials to stand with us. This is a statewide crisis of leadership. It’s one thing to fight Dems, another to fight our own side. We all have opportunities to address this by getting involved in local politics and striving to bridge the gap between fear and constructive problem solving. Folks cite funding and liability – but these can be discussed. Where are you in this? Can you help educate and encourage progress in your county? Talk to me.

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