Healthcare Workers Protest Mandatory Jab

I helped organize protests Saturday to support healthcare workers who will be fired if they haven’t taken the jab by September. This effects hundreds if not thousands of Washingtonians. All told we had 1200-1500 people protesting in Longview and Vancouver.

I’m told the pressure is coming from Medicare/Medicaid, which has implemented a new metric for funding based on staff vaccination rate. Presumably this is part of Biden’s push to increase vaccination. While the illegal policy of mandatory vaccines has been implemented across many industries this spring and summer, it appears that it is healthcare workers who are rising up in the greatest numbers.

Although it’s an incredibly stressful situation for those involved, it’s also encouraging to see people rising up in larger numbers than I’ve seen throughout the summer. I am hopeful that we can continue to mobilize around these fierce, passionate people and defend our rights together.

Get updates on the healthcare resistance here.

One response to “Healthcare Workers Protest Mandatory Jab”

  1. Great job at the hospitals. I saw you on TV. Excellent. Nurses have more power fighting the shot vs. other workers facing forced injections. If 100 nurses walked out of the Vancouver & Longview hospitals on the same day, there are NOT 100 new unemployed nurses out there to replace them. The hospitals would have to reverse their plans. And why now, BTW, why are the hospitals demanding shots now in August 2021 when the latest news is about the supposed delta varient? Even the radical left newspaper out of the UK, The Guardian, compares the symptoms of the covid delta varient to the symptoms of hay fever… runny nose, scratchy eyes, dry cough and semi-sore throat. Not death. Why must the world be masked up and shot up with kids at home to avoid the equivalent of hay fever? Why would the covid shots from Fizer and J&J have ANY affect on the delta varient anyway? Why is the Medical Industry so secretive about honest covid facts, true numbers, procedures if you get sick, (other than “you have Covid 19… go home and hunker down for 2 weeks… if still alive but still sick… come back and we’ll put you on a breathalator until you die in the hospital”). We’re now told by the scare-media a future covid strain “might” kill millions but if the 1916-1917 Spanish Flu taught us anything, each wave of that truly deadly flu became weaker and weaker as people got more and more resilient. I hope the nurses hold strong; they have the power of ‘difficult to replace’ most workers do not.

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