Accountability and the Republican Identity Crisis

It’s easy to point fingers at the other side. Democrats are crazy, look at all this awful stuff they’re doing! Much harder to be honest about the condition of our side. The truth is we’re losing – one could argue that we will only win at this point by the grace of God – because we are not on the same page, and we are not holding ourselves accountable.

We can’t even agree anymore what it means to be a Republican. This is a top-down problem, with countless Republicans in DC last January betraying their constituents by voting to impeach Trump for the same reason they only reluctantly supported him for four years: they’re more concerned about success within the established system than they are with doing what is right to save our country. But, repeat, this is a top-down problem. Have a look around your own city and county and ask yourself, Are my local legislators serving us, or their own ambition?

The odds are high that if you are involved in your local GOP, you know someone who has helped corrupt our system. Election integrity requires folks to look the other way at all levels. There are plenty of bridge deals and corporate contracts to go around in every town and county.

Many Republicans are reluctant to recognize that people they’ve known for years, and who profess to be on our side, are as much a part of the problem as the liberals. It’s heartbreaking to do so, but until we do, we’ll be stuck in these muddy trenches with soldiers falling on all sides.

As one example, we have leadership in my own county’s GOP who insisted on defending to me the government’s right to require us to wear masks. In my mind, as a walkaway Democrat, the Republican party should be the party of small, Constitutional government. I quoted Loren Culp over and over again: A politician’s job in a time of crisis is to inform the people how they can protect themselves, and assume the self-preservation instinct will motivate them to do so without further enforcement… provided the crisis is observably real.

The activists I stand with agree. We fight for legislators who will legislate less, not more. We fight for an America where each citizen has a vote and each legislator is accountable to his voters. We fight for an America where each person is free to take chances, lose or fail based on talent and God’s grace… not to live governed by algorithms, global think tanks, and corporations.

But plenty of establishment Republicans want to run on virtue signals like abortion and gay marriage instead of doing the hard work of wrestling with the global totalitarianism we currently face. This is big, scary stuff, and it’s much more pleasant to talk about the sanctity of life than admit your vote doesn’t count and a whore for China occupies the White House.

It won’t matter what you think about abortion if you can’t leave your house without permission. Trump won in 2016, and made it possible for Walkaway Democrats like myself to join him, by remaining quiet on the divisive religious-moral arguments of the 90s and instead committing to work on real, structural issues like our economy.

The establishment Republican party resisted him to the end and seem to think they can pretend those four years never happened, fiddling while DC burns. We’re left with a nonfunctional party full of bickering and backstabbing at every level that holds back strong candidates and wastes the precious resources of citizen donors and volunteers.

We’re destroying ourselves from the inside out.

Meanwhile, liberals are in happy agreement, and it shows. They’re winning, at every level, because they’re all on the same page. A car goes faster when all four wheels are pointed the same direction, remember?

The left bought into a Gene Roddenberry vision of the future years ago, embracing a tunic-wearing, ungendered, technologically-governed NWO with every movie, comic, music video and class discussion that turned to thoughts of the future. These are the nerds, people who were voluntarily inserting microchips into their body (I helped a guy out with his blog on the subject about ten years ago). These are the outcasts and rebels who felt rejected by conservative America and embraced by New Age and feminist metro culture (moi). These were the folks who went to college and along with their masters degree received a free indoctrination in Socialism and relativism.

Simply put, while the right was screaming about the dissolving family unit, the left became the Devil’s party: the one that tolerates everything. Whatever you are, whatever you want, wherever you’re going, we’ll embrace you, take care of you, and love you.

Jesus preached tolerance but, accurately or no, the party of Christians became perceived as the party of judgment.

In the media and mainstream culture, it looks like this: Democrats are nice. Republicans are mean. Democrats are logical, science-based, tolerant, progressive (aka embracing what is going to be better in the future). Republicans are irrational, faith (stupid)-based, nationalist = racist, traditional (aka clinging to what was bad about the past). Democrats are a beautiful family of five egalitarian poets with amazing hair and smart taste in cars, while Republicans are an overweight, Walmart-shopping, redneck clan of bad-beer-swilling sexists.

And leaving behind how we’re portrayed, the reality is that divorce rates and pornography addiction and drug consumption are just as much a factor on the right as on the left. American is a mess, but the left has convinced itself that the Matrix will solve its problems, while we argue over everything from masks to vaccines, CRT to church.

Democrats are jabbing up happily to be part of the iFuture, while we’re sitting around arguing over whether or not we can even accept the present.

If our current situation bothers you, I would just suggest you spend less time watching videos about Kamala and Soros and more time talking to other Republicans about what we can agree on. Even one thing might be enough to unite us. But let’s be urgent about it. The ammo is running out.

2 responses to “Accountability and the Republican Identity Crisis”

  1. Well written Palmer, you have successfully articulated what many of us see going on but do not know how to address.

  2. I must admit I’m shocked how organized the left became over the past half decade. Indeed I voted as a Democrat from just after high school until 2016, then voted for Mr Trump after 8 years of Obama apologizing in speaches about US succeses. As the President of the US he should have been proud of our country, not apologetic. Other social issues in the US had simply grown too far left for me as well. All along it now appears, the left was working on a master plan to own most of the media, (social / online / broadcast / cable) then own all Democratic politicians, own some of the Republican politicians (what size of yauchts did Mitch M Connel and Mike Pence get as gifts after January 6th, 2021?), and finally… own State level Politicians? The Nov 3, 2020 election returns soured that Tuesday night with 6 or 7 States stalled, then reurned the next morning with results completely out of whack, favoring Mr Biden with unobtainable numbers. The actions of the Democratic machine from Nov 4, 2020 through January 6, 2021 of repeated lies and false statements proved three things:
    1 – if a lie is said enough times it becomes the truth to many people.
    2 – more people are stupidly gulible than I realized.
    3 – there may be a dark side in this world that is real.

    The left has quickly moved the US to the far left. Or has it? What about the silent majority afraid to speak out?

    It’s not over until it’s over. I believe it’s not over. The far left machine has succesfully gotten away with murder lately (the organized message from the media that BLM rioting has been “peaceful protesting” is false and some have died at these events)… and therefore, they’re currently acting unstoppable. We’ve all seen outrageous statement’s and claims in the past year that first shock normal people then we see nothing happens to anyone for lying about anything. Just yesterday (July 18, 2021) the media starting blaming inner city violence on systemic racism from whites. Seriously? Said enough times, they think it will be accepted as the truth after 63 black kids shoot 63 other black kids over a weekend in South Chicago, (lets not forget Mr Obama’s ‘home town’ was Chicago yet did nothing about this sad situation back when he could have).

    I believe the silent majority (normal people) is starting to show their dis-belief of the media lies and will VOTE republican in the mid-term and local elections in 2020. Both the Senate and Congress will swing right in 2020 if we make it that far.

    I believe the left wing feels unstoppable and will start making mistakes that will show their deceit (the liberal media has already started negative comments on Kamala Harris, as example).

    I believe the silent majority will soon start making noise about the gender bending hype by Hollywood and the media wanting to change America to support .5% of the populace. What does ‘start making noise’ mean? How about Chevy Trucks, RAM Trucks, Toyota Trucks and Ford Trucks all pulling their advertising dollars from MSNBC and CNN to promote their trucks on a station normal people watch: FOX.

    I believe normal parents will soon start to rage coast-to-coast (not just pockets) about sex education, face masks and the re-writing of history.

    BUT… and here’s the Big But: We can’t wait until the 2020 elections hoping the US will vote normally. What can we do? I believe all of us can do something. The Dems have attacted in many different ways and we can do the same thing. Not just ONE plan fits all of us. Examples:
    1 – If your church Minister has accepted church closure while Home Depot is wide open, then start a movement to replace your Minister and fully re-open your church. Churches and pubs are where the American Revolution started afterall.
    2 – If stuck at home, then start a writing campaign to Olympia and Clark County.
    3 – Join wave flagging get togethers.
    4 – If school pertains to you, go to meetings and voice your opinion.
    5 – Support businesses that support you (this means many things from their marketing to their policies).
    6 – VOTE!

    And many more!

    Stay active, believe in the good and we’ll get through this!

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