What I believe

Our government is based on a model God inspired and God wants us to fight for.

That starts, not at the top, but at the bottom: you and I getting involved in our local community and politics. Run fur office. Get on a board. Volunteer.

If each one of us did good in our own life we could take back all the power. Nurses refusing to administer vaccines. Election observers speaking up. Teachers saying no to CRT. People being honest with their neighbors.

Evil wants us to feel overwhelmed and scared so we sit at home doing nothing.

We may never fully understand what the global bad guys are up to.

But you can support a mom who’s trying to stand up to her school board. You can support a friend who’s boss says she has to vaccinate. You can speak up. You can change the world.

This is why I think we should spend less time online and more time out advocating in real life. Our lives are the only thing we can control and there is ALWAYS one more thing you could do.

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