Notes from Dr Frank

A week or two ago, in response to King Inslee’s vaccine passport mandates, people on my social media groups started asking: Did Inslee even win?

Horrified by his runaway abuse of power, it is natural to ask, Is this guy even our governor?

I fight on a lot of fronts, but up until this point, I hadn’t devoted much thought to the question of election integrity. I am a shameless conspiracy theorist, but for some reason I just didn’t think there could have been enough fraud to swing the election. And worse, I felt betrayed by all the folks – General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood – who had insisted all the way until the day the potato took office that Trump would stay for a second term.

Why had they said that?

I didn’t know, so I stopped thinking about it. I was just going to focus on local politics: people I could and personally meet and size up.

But months later, this question doesn’t go away. It creates an existential or Trumpian crisis. If you doubt Trump, you doubt the nature of the battle. If you doubt Trump, you doubt the prospect of victory. If you doubt Trump, you doubt up-and-coming Trump proteges like Joe Kent.

You can’t win a war if your troops don’t trust their general.

I didn’t want to ask, Does my vote count, but people on my channels were asking and I wanted to give them a reasonably informed answer. I was given the opportunity to attend a private event at someone’s house where WEICU and Dr Frank would be presenting, and I took it.

I got dressed this evening thinking, You know things have changed when my idea of a good time is attending a lecture at a stranger’s house on election integrity.

Question: Does our vote count?

Answer: Our vote hasn’t counted for years. But hold on.

Mail-in ballots, along with electronic voter databases and vote tabulators, have left our ballots as vulnerable as nuclear missiles stored in Aunt Betty’s barn.

It is likely that since at least 2008, election results have been sold to the highest bidder.

It is likely that they tried to rig the election in 2016, but simply underestimated how many phantom ballots they’d need to overcome Trump’s majority.

In 2020, they hit it with everything they had.

I am writing this after seeing his presentation and talking with Dr Frank today. I’m not going to try to explain how this all works because he can much more clearly.

The Cliff’s Notes version… a database can be input with invented data. Ballots are printed and supposedly shipped to nonexistent voters. What happens to those ballots?

After the vote, ballots are counted by tabulation machines that have troubling features like vote weighting, internet capability, and “multiple points of entry,” to use a hacker’s phrase.

The numbers can be, and are, fudged.

Washington was the first state to use mail-in ballots, and the first state to use counting machines. We are, as ever, ahead of the curve in terms of adopting corrupt “liberal” policy.

Simply put, ballots are vulnerable and unprotected, like blank checks handed out a rave and then cashed by whomever brings them back to the mall.

There are many things we can, and will, do to take back our vote. We can demand rigorous voter registration. We can demand in-person, one-day voting and vote counting. We can become involved as election observers, we can canvas to find phantom voters, we can picket or sit-in at the Secretary of State’s office. We can look forward to lies being exposed.

But that’s not what I found most reassuring about meeting Dr Frank today. What I found most reassuring was that Dr Frank is below the narrative. We were in someone’s home talking. No cue cards, no cameras, no requests. Just a discovery: the numbers are too close to be anything but intentional.

No one was lying when they said Trump would get his second term. It’s just taking longer to prove than they hoped or expected.

Since corruption is inherent in manmade systems, I find this unextraordinary.

What is extraordinary is that the left has controlled the narrative so successfully that I had come to doubt even my own president.

I stood up at one point to explain to folks that I was there representing both a local candidate, and hundreds of Washingtonians, who want to stand up for our republic. I know, regardless of what the media says, that we have the numbers and the will. The question is not whether we can fight. The question is how we should fight.

A battle needs a general. If you lose the chain of command you lose everything. Tonight, I was simply and profoundly reassured that we have not lost our general.

I hope Dr Frank will report that here in Washington, they may say we are blue and the battle lost. But far from it. Far, far from it.

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