One (Kingdom) Under God

I was looking for other videos when I stumbled on this and immediately felt what might be called the emotion of conviction. It is the Holy Spirit saying, usually at the most inconvenient time, “Do not brush this off.”

The emotion I felt was a combination of grief and shame that we have allowed the forces of darkness to send our country back decades if not centuries in terms of race relations. I’ll turn forty this year; America is more hyperconscious of skin color today than any other period of my life.

As we are also more conscious of gender, age, religion – any demographic difference that can be used to set us against each other.

All the devil’s handiwork, using “journalists” like Don Lemon, social network algorithms that encourage virtue signaling, and intentional, cruel editing of video footage to misrepresent already traumatic encounters between citizens and police.

We are torn apart by the events of 2020. Torn apart over Trump and Biden, torn apart over the virus, torn apart over racial issues, torn apart over immigration. Families, friends, neighbors, coworkers: who has not lost contact with a loved one in the past twelve months over these issues?

Often, issues that don’t even touch us personally. After all, how many have actually lost someone to COVID? How many have personally encountered police brutality? How many have personally met any of our political figures?

How many of us have personally experienced any of the things we so passionately argue about online?

In fact, the only people I know who died of COVID were elderly with multiple, severe health conditions. The only police brutality I have witnessed was to white patriots.

The only politicians I know do not deal in parties but problems. Complex, nuanced problems that go way beyond the heavy-handed black/white assessments of your average CNN pundit.

Journalists don’t cover the complex truth because it doesn’t make good clickbait. Instead they cover extreme, polarizing issues and supposed solutions: defund the police, shut down the country, silence patriots.

Often these solutions will never be implemented, they are just offered to us as distraction: Here. Argue about this amongst yourselves.

This divide and conquer strategy is old and is used on both sides. A woman in her seventies told me the other day she’s been voting Republican her entire life, “And look: the abortion problem is worse now than ever.”

A Republican legislator told me, “Republicans will never outlaw abortion… Republican politicians have affairs just like everyone else and they want the right to abort too.”

Power corrupts and we the people get played.

Politicians and the media specialize in offering two polarizing solutions to a problem with no intention of doing anything about it. Just to get votes. Look at our healthcare situation. We’re offered two options: going back to pre-Obamacare or moving to Socialized medicine.

How about just reforming the racket we call health insurance? Insurance companies and hospitals negotiate rates amongst themselves and then hand the bill to the patient, who has little to no way of finding out in advance what their “care” will cost. The whole system is corrupt and desperately needs reform. But no one talks reform. They talk radical change that will never happen.

Equally meaningless but far more emotional was last year’s argument over Black Lives Matter. The statement is self evident; the organization is bad. But we weren’t given the opportunity to debate that. Nor did we use our justice system to prosecute bad cops and exonerate innocent ones.

Instead we had emotional and inaccurate news coverage, grandstanding stunts by politicians, and a War of Logos: BLM vs Thin Blue Line.

This is a stupid war, based on an imagined rather than real problem.

The real villains in the BLM/Thin Blue Line war of 2020 are the journalists and politicians who manipulated the country into a frenzy of unnecessary emotion that has divided us yet again.

If I sound cynical… I am.

Here’s the thing. This isn’t another litany of problems meant to overwhelm you. This is to point out the critical turning point we face in this country. We can either continue to let these forces tear us apart, or we can stand back and remember the one true battle we are really waging.

This is not about black vs white, liberal vs conservative, man vs woman. It’s not even about America vs other countries, as much as we may fear globalism.

This is about the one kingdom that actually matters.

The Lord Jesus Christ will transform you right now and make you a child of the kingdom… He has called us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son (Colossians 1).

And if you are wheat, are you influencing the world for good and for God? Is your attitude one of love, rather than one of condemnation? It’s so easy to sit back and condemn sinners and speak evil of them and blast away at them because we have cause due to their sin. But somehow in the process we begin to want to call down damnation on them. Maybe we need to ask God to give us greater grace toward them—the grace that Jesus had toward Judas.
John MacArthur

We cannot rise above these false battles, find real solutions, and rebuild our country, until we turn off the news and tune into God. No matter what. If we are not working toward the kingdom of heaven, we are working on the wrong thing. This purpose surmounts all politics, all argument, and all demographics: it just is. Once we internalize that, we can start to understand and propagate the work God is doing in our lives personally and collectively during this season.

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