What happens in Vancouver…

You might think Vancouver is not important. I’ve lived in half a dozen states and various cities/towns throughout those states. Because of my gypsy travels, I used to think the only place that mattered in the country was New York.

Last year something shifted for me. I had been going to reopening rallies and protests and met person after person who was willing to give up their comfort in order to stand for freedom. You don’t realize until you attend a few protests: it feels right because it is right. It’s productive, valuable – infinitely more so than any casual pursuit like binge watching something on Netflix.

It is the only way to “Speak truth to power,” to use Kamala’s favorite phrase.

No one in a position of power wants you to know how incredible it feels to stand around for a few hours – or even for that matter a few months – and later discover that it worked. The person who was struggling or oppressed got out. The charges were dropped, the case dismissed, the tyrants shuffled away.

I haven’t been by any means the most devoted protester in Clark County but I have attended enough of these things to tell you: you will be glad you finally left the house and joined us.

I get evangelical about it because the truth is I can’t bear the idea of a good person looking back later and knowing they did nothing, absolutely nothing, to demand liberation. To know the doors on the prison were finally thrown open and no thanks to you? You’ll feel terrible. You may excuse yourself – the kids had to be looked after, my job, I wasn’t sure if Antifa would show up – but really you’ll just feel like you put up with the plandemic tyranny… for what?

When you could have been doing something?

Does the Costco trip matter that much?

It doesn’t and we know it doesn’t. This uncomfortable situation endures because God wants to give each of us an opportunity to defend his principles.

Last chance…countdown begins…


So here in Vancouver there is an extraordinary situation in that blue collar, farming and conservative folks live across a very broad river from one of the most liberal cesspools in the country. Some people in Vancouver want it to become like Portland and some very much do not. A lot of really terrible stuff happens here because of that agenda and the resistance to that agenda.

This is why on Saturday we will hear about an attack against our city’s churches, and on Monday we will hear about an attack on a woman who just wanted her mom let out of a hospital.

This is why for the first time in my gypsy life, I committed to a place: because there are fighters here. Because what works here will be used to flip other cities and states, and what doesn’t will serve to inspire other freedom fighters.

So I choose to stay here on this battlefront, and I invite you to join in and get involved. You will be glad you did.


Probable cause warrants have been signed by Clark County Sheriffs department, for the arrest of Kelli Stewart, Satin Meyer, Patrick Morris and a 16 yr old, regarding the protest at Legacy Salmon Creek on 1/29/21. They will be turned over to the Superior court some time next week for a judge to review and decide on the validity of the charges. The skewed and deceptive investigation on one defendant was 130 pages long, which tells us they are going full speed at these innocent clark county residents.

Legacy hospital admitted a 73 yr old woman, for a UTI, and then when she refused to Covid test, they quarantined her and refused to allow her daughter/care giver in to be with her. At that point many local friends and family members came to protest and work peacefully to reunite the daughter and elderly mother. The police arrived but did not help the family, and instead blocked the hospital doors preventing any entry of the daughter.

After 2 hrs, the hospital agreed to release the elderly mother, back into her daughters care.

Please join us Monday, at 4pm, in front of the Clark County Court house, for a public statement from the 4 defendants. This will also be the first public statement from the 73 yr old mother who was being quarantined, and her daughter who is her full time licensed care giver.

Thank you for the prayers and support during these confusing times. It seems Covid has been used to make prisoners of us all, from the patients, to the inmates to the elderly to the families on the outside. When we use peaceful means to resolve abuse or overreach, we are told it’s still not allowed. So tell me, what are a people left to do? We do what is right and we let the consequences follow. Please watch the videos for yourself if we did anything wrong:
[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/X5LzpXJc-Ds”%5D

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