Scientific American compares the unmasked to Alzheimer’s patients… Here’s our response

Scientific American opinion piece by Serggio Lanata
If you need a boost to your blood pressure, read Serggio Lanata’s recent opinion piece in Scientific American. Lanata is a doctor specializing in Alzheimer’s. Apparently anyone who questions the plandemic is, like his patients, deluded.

This made me angry, so I just emailed him back. That message is below.

I don’t share this because there is anything particularly special about my response. I share it to encourage you. We just have to keep fighting, every day, for as long as it takes. The more of us who apply pressure, the harder it will be to sustain this tyranny.

There are many ways to fight; better to do something small than nothing at all. You can resist with your wallet (boycotting Amazon, Kohl’s and other pro-censorship corporations), you can write letters and emails, and you can even use gentle satire like our Sheeple Society handouts.

So, here’s my message to Serggio. His email is Feel free to write him. He certainly deserves to hear from anyone who has been negatively impacted by the plandemic.

Letter to Serggio Lanata

Hi Serggio,

I was very troubled by your recent op-ed in Scientific American.

It assumes the only reason people choose freedom over the collective good – to use your measure – is either a lack of scientific understanding, or actual mental disorder.

This is so deeply unempathetic and anti-curious as to possibly render the discussion pointless. How can one argue with someone who assumes the opposing viewpoint can only be based on ignorance or insanity?

And yet I must because I’ve been in this position for several years now. Formerly working in tech in Seattle, my journey from left to right, collective to individualist, began when I started to see how dangerous our intellectual arrogance was. In your case how dangerous it is.

There are many reasons intelligent people question the “science” when it comes to COVID-19. Doctors have been diagnosing anyone with a respiratory issue as a COVID case. The PCR tests were far too sensitive. Anyone who died with (rather than died of) the virus was classified as a COVID death.

Simply put the numbers are wildly inflated. Meanwhile, a year of masked interaction, closed businesses, experimental vaccines and forced isolation has caused an equal, if not far greater, amount of harm.

It is apparently easy for a doctor (employed and well paid) to buy into and propagate the notion that a global shutdown is the only rational and compassionate solution. But that is not the case. Science provides one set of answers, but there are many others. A strong leader balances economic, emotional and myriad other factors – a doctor is only considering one.

Some of us do not want you to determine our fate. The arrogance and lack of insight expressed in the article exemplify why we do not all see the medical profession as sacrosanct or consider science our god.

Palmer Davis

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